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UDI Conference 2022

Beyond our Borders & Harnessing the Data


The UDI Conference is the established, trusted source for industry stakeholders to explore and work through new and anticipated global UDI-related policies, address areas of confusion, create roadmaps for cohesive implementation, and understand the ongoing developments in the international UDI landscape.

By attending the 12th annual UDI Conference, you will:

  • Understand the expanding Global UDI-related initiatives, specifically as they relate to data hygiene, scalability and sustainability to harmonize Master Data Management processes, systems and standardization efforts.
  • Gain perspective on the influence of UDI across the healthcare eco-system, from point of manufacture, to point of consumption, and downstream to the clinical registries and how the data within the Global UDI Database (GUDID) is defining new healthcare activities that are directly improving patient safety.
  • Build your knowledge and network with industry stakeholders to help your company stay in front of the ever-changing UDI regulatory environment.

Features of the 2022 UDI Conference will include:

  • Networking opportunities with the FDA UDI Team and industry stakeholders
  • Stay abreast of global UDI-related standards development and how your organization can harness harmonization efforts and create a strategic roadmap for success
  • Details of activities concentrated on the quality, usefulness, accuracy, management, and the future plans of the data within the GUDID
  • Explore the influence and benefits of UDI within healthcare impacting medical device visibility, traceability, and patient care
  • The sharing of information about Public-private collaboration and pilot programs, such as AHRMM’s Learning UDI Community (LUC), that will share best practices, infrastructure improvements, new UDI processes & growth opportunities, and activities driving UDI implementation expansion both in the U.S. and abroad

Learning Objectives

Learn how device manufacturers, distributors, and hospitals will be able to facilitate the following with a UDI system:

  • Complying with the FDA UDI Regulation and International UDI Requirements
  • How to stay relevant in the International Landscape
  • Reduction of Medical Errors
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Utilization of UPN and PDU data
  • Recall of Medical Devices
  • Improved Medical Device Reports (MDRs)
  • Preventing Allergic Reactions to Devices

  • Identification/Reduction of Product Counterfeiting
  • More Efficient Purchasing
  • Improved Inventory Control
  • Enhanced Medical Device Asset Utilization
  • Efficient Reimbursement
  • Identification of Compatibility Issues
  • Enhancements in Post-Market Surveillance


Who Should Attend?

The UDI Conference attracts medical device manufacturers, distributors, GPO’s, and hospital systems that are impacted by UDI regulations.

  • Medical Device Manufacturers facing UDI compliance around the globe.
  • Health Care Distribution/Group Purchasing Organizations to understand and implement UDI related initiatives as a reseller and repackaging of medical devices.
  • Hospitals and Health Care Providing Organizations to learn about putting UDI to work in the hospital setting for improved patient safety and operating efficiency.
  • Health Care Industry Professionals to understand and implement UDI within their disciplines and understand the future landscape of the evolving UDI requirements.
  • Solutions Providers to stay engaged with the latest developments and user needs in order to provide technical support and products.


You can also explore the technology behind UDI in the exhibits area where you can learn about the solutions for your UDI implementation.

UDI Regulations requires organizations to acquire new or improved technology to meet the requirements and to efficiently mark or tag equipment, scan device information at various points in its lifecycle, and transmit that data into the GUDID, new international database structures, and other software systems. The UDI Conference offers a solution Showcase of the enabling technologies.

UDI Conference Sponsoring Organizations & Media:

Leading industry organizations and media engaged in UDI have partnered with the UDI Conference to help deliver educational guidance and support the ongoing UDI momentum stemming across our borders:



Industry Organizations




FDA Official Site for UDI


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